Retire the Rebel is a grassroots, collaborative effort to change the nickname at Southwestern Schools in Hanover, Indiana. The Rebel name is offensive and destructive, both to people of color and to others who do not take the school’s past associations with the Confederate flag and Confederate solider mascot lightly. We greatly appreciate SWJCS’s efforts to distance itself from those associations — but that half-measure cannot stand in 2020.

It is time for change. It is time to Retire the Rebel.


“As an alumna of Southwestern and a taxpayer who funds the school, I feel it is inappropriate to continue to have a mascot that alienates any member of the community.”

Rebecca Trout


“I went to Southwestern for 13 years, class of ’76. Despite attempts to rewrite history, it was abundantly clear that the mascot was a Confederate soldier.”

Paul Conklin


“This is no way to represent [a] school. There are a multitude of strong images to choose from. This is most definitely not one.”

Nancy Martinez


“The Confederacy is a stain on our history that has no place being exalted in public schools.”

Steve Gazzo


“Indiana was never a part of the Confederacy and is better than this. We are all better than this.”

Amanda Glover


“Time to end this BS. The name was born of hate.”

Hayes Lewis


“It’s offensive and reflects poorly on [the] community.”

Marianna Sullivan


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